Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cinderella gets sad without the Prince

That's what Hailey said tonight, anyway. We got a set of little Cinderella dolls for the girls on Saturday. Each set has all the little figurines from the story- the Fairy Godmother, the stepmother and sisters, the Prince, the mice and Cinderella. I told the girls that they could have one of them to take to bed with them and Hailey said she wanted to take Cinderella and the Prince. I told her she had to choose since she could only have one. "Cinderella gets sad without the Prince" is what she said. And, who can argue with that? I let her take both to bed with her. We don't want Cinderelly to be sad now, do we?


Joy Madison said...

poor cinderella.

that's too funny

Melissa said...

Blog looks wonderful Becky!

aimee said...

Aw, that is too cute! Your blog looks fabulous!

Ginger said...

LOL! That is dang cute! Glad you got your slide working! :)