Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Diaper cream does not go on your face

I guess we'll add that to the list of things I never imagined I would say. That list is getting pretty long these days. Yesterday we had to tell Hailey to not stick gummy bears in her ears. Today it was the diaper cream with Sarah. We'd finished lunch and Hailey had gone upstairs for some "quiet" time, Matt was getting ready for work, I was feeding Aimee, and I thought Sarah had laid down for a nap. Whenever it's too quiet that usually means trouble.

I thought maybe Sarah had gone to sleep but figured I'd better check on her. Nope, she wasn't sleeping. She wasn't anywhere to be found. Then I saw her in Aimee's room. Sarah turned around and that's when the fated words were spoken. She was by the changing table and she had diaper cream all over her face and in her hair, all over her hands and some on her clothes. I told her that diaper cream was for bums and not for faces. "For bums," she said. "Yes." I said. "Oh, ok." And that was that in typical Sarah fashion. "Ok" is her answer to just about anything. When she is being agreeable, that is. It took a half a dozen or so wipes to clean all of the slime off of her. I wished I'd waited to take a picture, but by that time the cream probably would have been spread around the house. It was worth a good laugh anyway.


Bryan & Janelle Guymon said...

Woohoo!! I'm excited to check your blog and see all your cute projects (and your cute family, of course)! I've wanted to start a scrapbooking blog, but we already have a family one, and I'm not sure I can keep up with two! :)

Ginger said...

LOL! It sounds like Blake and Sara came from the same mold. All the way down to the "okay." Blake says okay or "oh" to just about everything as if he had never heard what you are telling him before. :)

Maretta said...

Enjoy those "special" moments - it's good to hear from you! We are still moving...and probably will be for awhile. I wish I'd had more of those moments when you girls were small instead of having to work all the time. They don't come again, so enjoy them...even the little annoying ones are somehow special once you're older and thinking back about them. Take care and I will try and check back here often. Love, Mom N.