Monday, June 16, 2008

I wanna say it

We always have a blessing on the food before we eat a meal. Our kids know that and often "fight" about who gets to say the prayer. One day I asked Hailey to say it and Sarah yelled out, "I wanna say it!" Hailey wisely told her, "Heavenly Father wants to hear from all of us." Smart girl. And, you know? She's right. Sarah gave in and said simply, "ok." And that was that.

Today for lunch I said the blessing and then Hailey and Sarah wanted to say it as well. So I let them. After all, He wants to hear from all of us, as Hailey said. So, that food is very blessed. Silly girls.

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Ginnifer said...

How cute! My Suzi went through this thing where it had to be her saying it for every food blessing and family prayer. Kids are too cute