Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Aimee

Our sweet baby girl is one year old! I know that I am a little late posting this, but it's been quite a busy day. We had yummy chocolate chip waffles with whipped cream and fruit to celebrate, went to the park and played lots. I think we are all so tired...which does not explain why I am up in the middle of the night writing this. I just can't get to sleep for some reason.

I know that some of you are anxious to see some pictures from Aimee's birthday party, so here you go. She had quite a time with that chocolate cake of hers...it was everywhere, including her chubby little neck folds and her armpits! It took two baths to get her all cleaned up but it was sure fun to watch her :)


April said...

Too too cute Becky! I love the messy birthday cake photos, those are always the best! She's really is growing fast, I can't believe how much she's starting to look more like a little lady vs. baby. She's so very precious!

Connie said...

Becky she is so cute!! I bet you guys had so much fun watching her eat her cake.

amanda said...

hee hee! In the first pic, she has no idea what is going on.. and by the last one, she totally has it figured out! Too cute! Time flies, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie pie! I am so sorry that circumstances prevented us from sending anything right now. We will catch up with everyone eventually...hopefully anyway!
Love, Mom