Friday, October 3, 2008

Mom in a mini van

When we're out driving around Matt has a tendency to poke fun at the way women drive. Not that he's sexist or anything because he really isn't, and he's really a great guy, but when someone is driving really slowly or driving wierd, he tends to say that it MUST BE a woman driving. Because men never drive badly, right? Yeah, right.

Anyway, one of the groups that tends to get lots of attention and comments from my dear husband are moms in mini vans. Gotta love them, but sometimes I am sure that they are preoccupied by the craziness in their vehicles to pay attention to the road. I can say this because I have had many a difficulty while driving with my 3 lovely and well-behaved (ha ha) kids in the car.

Well, sad but true, I am now a "mom in a mini van." I have tried for so long to fight the inevitable, but we have outgrown our cute dark green Mazda 626 lovingly known as Vladi (For Vladimir...don't ask, Matt likes to name the cars) and have upgraded to a gold Honda Odyssey. Not the car of my dreams but it is definitely a lot more roomy and it's harder to hear the fighting and screaming with the two older kids WAY in the back of the van. I can't complain. It was a little sad leaving poor Vladi at the dealership in Amarillo, especially since we didn't get nearly what he should have been worth for our trade-in.

I will take some pics soon and post them for you all to enjoy. That sick junk we had a week or so seems to be lingering still and I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days. Fun for me.

Now I need to go wrestle my kids to bed. Have a great night!

I will try and post some pics of the new AC Bailey kit of the month later tonight. Very cute, featuring the "Trickery" line from Creative Imaginations Art Warehouse. Halloween-y without going overboard, and includes some great prints that could be used for anything, not to mention the beautiful round die-cut paper and cute journaling tags. I'll have to post some pictures!

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Anonymous said...

welcome to the world of minivan is all that I have ever known. Even before I was a mom, I had a mini van. I know it is sick huh? Well, you take what you are given sometimes...and oh, by the way, just because the kids are all the way in the will still be able to hear them. They will just get louder.