Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a few little things

With Christmas preparations taking up a lot of my time I haven't gotten much of a chance to scrapbook lately. We've been spending time with family and making lots of yummy treats as well.

One treat I made this year that I'd never made before was peppermint almond bark popcorn. It is so easy but also so very delicious. Just ask Matt!! He had quite a bit of it the day I made it.

>All you need to make the popcorn are: 1 bag microwave popcorn (make sure you take out the unpopped kernels) 4 squares of almond bark, some crushed candy cane. Just pop the popcorn, melt the almond bark and throw in some candy cane and mix it all together and then spread it out on a cookie sheet lined with foil or wax paper to cool. YUMMY!!

I have made a few little cards and a page, so I will share those with you as well.

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