Wednesday, February 4, 2009

winter in our town

Winter in our part of west Texas is so mild compared to what we experienced while living in Idaho. About a week or so ago, however, we got some snow!! Not like the wannabe snow we got a month ago, but actual snow that covered the ground. Of course it was all gone by the next day but still, it was snow, so beautiful and white. I love the look of the trees covered with ice and love the peacefulness snow lends to the world around me.

Here are a few pictures I took of the snow. Granted it's nowhere near the amount of snow that many people have seen this winter but for us, it's wonderful!! The girls were so excited they even laid down in the 1/2 inch (if that much)we got and tried to make snow angels.

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Maretta said...

Brrrrrr....we have snow on the ground here again, too. We started school two hours late yesterday. Today it's just all iced over. I don't have classes so I'm enjoying staying home and warm for a little bit yet until I have to go pay bills and get groceries! Then there are after school lessons...oh could be worse. I love that bottom photo with the trees!!! That would make a beautiful painting! Love, Mom