Thursday, March 26, 2009

and some pics from Matt's birthday

I know that some of you out there wanted to see some pictures from my husband's birthday yesterday, so here you go!

We had a great time at breakfast with his family at Cracker Barrel- yummy!!- we missed having Roxanne (Matt's brother's wife)with us but got to see his brother and baby Cody (so dang cute)-and then had a pretty quiet day at home. Matt really wanted a new lawnmower, so he went shopping and found one he really liked, put it all together and took these happy pictures and then... wouldn't start. At all. Brand new and it didn't work. So, he had to take it back apart and return it to the store. Happy birthday? Not really. Poor guy. He was so excited to mow the lawn, too. At least he got to celebrate with his parents some more and had cake and ice cream and more presents later on in the day. I think that over all my silly, sweet husband had a good birthday.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!! It was fun having you home with us all to ourselves yesterday.

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