Thursday, March 26, 2009

going to be a long night

It has been a rough winter for my thing after another it seems. This last week the kids have been sharing a bad cold/cough and high fevers. Tonight it is Sarah's turn, and she is having quite a time of it with fevers over 103. Just like her big sister, she will be fine, and it seems the virus is running its course. Hopefully by tomorrow she will be feeling much better, but it may mean for a restless night for us.

I know that kids get sick but I sure wish we'd get a breather sometime. We're supposed to be leaving for Disneyland on Monday after all :(


Janelle said...

Oh no! I hope your night was okay and that you all got some sleep. I keep thinking this has got to be the last time you guys get sick this winter.

If I don't see you before you go, have a GREAT time at Disneyland!

Connie said...

Hoping you guys get well!! Have a great time on your trip.