Tuesday, March 24, 2009

just a quick post today

I am trying to post every day but today I just don't have anything exciting to share...we have some guys here installing a new water system since the water here is hard and undrinkable. So, they are monopolizing my house and my time when I would much rather be scrapping. I just for some reason feel the need to keep an eye on them since I don't know them at all. Call me paranoid, but, you know...

It is a beautiful day, though, and my irises are starting to bloom. So, that's happy news.

Here are some pics of my Sarah. I will lovingly refer to her as "Hose Girl." She loves to go outside and water the berry plants but most of all likes to water the fence. I guess she's hoping it will grow?


The Malsbary Patch said...

I am sorry that the guys are ruining your day...I hope you made it to the place you needed to go. (if you know what I mean...)and I hope that you were able to scrap a little. I did finish the page that I was working on while we were on the phone...I will put it on the blog soon.

Kristii said...

What a cutie!! You never know...it just might grow, lol!! I would keep an eye on things too, but that's just the way I am!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!!