Saturday, March 14, 2009

kids in the tent

As I mentioned before, we put our tent up for the girls to sleep in last night as a reward for cleaning up their dress-up things. As soon as the tent was put together Hailey quickly started gathering blankets, books, tea party paraphernalia and whatever else she could cram in there in preparation for the night. Silly girl. She even got their little laptop computers. They were so excited about using their flashlights that are usually stowed away in our emergency kits.

It was a bit of a wild party and the girls were up quite late but they sure had a good time and are ready for another "campout" tonight. We'll see...

Here's a picture of Hailey and Sarah in the tent.

As a side note, it's been quite a rough winter for our family...just when I thought I was feeling better...I am now feeling quite nauseated once again. And, no, I don't think I'm pregnant. With our three very active girls I hardly think we are ready for #4.


Lisa Carroll said...

You are brave!! If we did that, I don't think he would ever go to sleep. But it does sound fun, and sure will make a great page!

The Malsbary Patch said...

umm...I dont see a picture. But I can imagine...was it really worth it in the end? I bet that is not a reward that you are going to suggest anytime soon huh?