Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday afternoon nap

It is such a nice idea...come home from church, eat lunch and have a nap. That's a great idea in theory anyway. I got the baby down for a nap and was going to do so myself when I heard my husband upstairs struggling with the other two girls who were obviously not going for the idea of taking a rest. So, the loving and adoring wife that I am, and knowing that he's been up since probably 5:30 this morning, I went up and told him to go take a nap in our room while I tried to get the two stinkers to go to sleep.

I got a pillow and laid down in the middle of them (since we still had the tent up) and tried and tried fruitlessly to get them to go to sleep even with promises of them getting to watch a movie if they did so. No such luck.

So, I now have a groggy, pounding head and am in need of a nap but my husband is still peacefully asleep. No nap for me, no movie for the girls and no more tent. And, my four year old has informed me that she's never going to talk to me anymore. I am not ready for teenagers and yet already feel like I have one.

I hope you're all having a great day.

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Jamie Cotter said...

LOL. C'est l'avie. I still remember Matt trying to get Zach to take a nap...Matt slept while Zach climbed all over him.