Tuesday, July 7, 2009

cupcakes for breakfast?

You would probably agree that cupcakes are not the most nutritious thing to feed your kids for breakfast. I'm with ya. I woke up earlier than the rest of the family this morning so it was Matt who ate breakfast with the kids. I'd been working on some laundry and walked into the kitchen to find Aimee eating a chocolate cupcake and Fruit Loops for breakfast. Yeah, she has been running circles this morning...literally. Tons of energy. It's been kinda fun to watch her, though, and instead of taking away her cupcake and cleaning her up I pulled out my camera.

Matt insists that the kids got the cupcakes for themselves and of course I believe him. I mean, what dad would feed his already-hyper kids cupcakes for breakfast?

As soon as she was done with what she wanted to eat it took two baths to get her cleaned up...the first one to get all of the pink frosting and chocolate crumbs off of her and the second one to actually get her clean. But, doesn't it look like she had fun?? Oh, and as she was watching the crumbs go down the drain it must have been reminiscent of her watching as the toilet flushed since she kept saying, "Bye, bye poopies." We make sure that our not-yet-two year old knows how to say the most important things. I thought her saying that was funny and I didn't want to forget it so I had to make sure and add that little tidbit in here.

Yeah, she was quite a mess...even had pink frosting in the chub of her neck. Can you see it? Getting these cute pictures was well worth her having cupcakes for breakfast.


Ninas hobbyblogg said...

The cupcake looks delicious!! Sweet cupcake- eater too =)

Anonymous said...

cupcakes have the same nutrient value as cereal just give her some milk. Yes I agree with Aimee they are great for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie wanted to know if it was her birthday. Because I guess it is ok if it is your birthday to have cupcakes for breakfast...I think the second picture is VERY cute.

Ginger said...

LOL! Love these photos! I have some of Spencer like this!