Thursday, July 16, 2009

starting tomorrow

I already told you that I am going to work on my cardmaking skills by having Card Wednesday every week. Another thing I would like to get better at is making simple, clean layouts. I love the style but can't seem to resist the urge to add "just one more thing" or two or three or five.

So, in order to get better at this, and to speed up the process of making my scrapbook pages I will be introducing Simple Fridays. Each week I will share a new layout with a simple format that is quick and easy to do. I have piles of pictures that remain unscrapped and I'd love to do something more with them than look at them sitting in a basket on my scrap table.

I'm also going to try something else...Sketch Mondays. We'll see how you like those :) I have created a few in the past and really like creating my own sketches to work from. I'm just trying to make my blog more interesting and to keep the content fresh and new.

Today I've been working on a scrapbook page that I'll share with you tomorrow. Nice and clean and simple. I hope I'll see you back here then.

Have a great scrappy day!!


Rach H said...

I look forward to seeing all that you have to offer!!

mustangkayla said...

Those sound great! Can't wait to see them!

Lisa Carroll said...

cool! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

LG said...

What a great idea Becky! I totally get what you are trying to do. Like you, i am a big fan of simple layouts but when I try to do it myself, i end up adding more stuff.

This post is such an inspiration. i'll try it for myself too

Jenyfur said...

EEEEE! How fun! I *heart* clean, crisp & simple. Hey, have I told you how gorgeous your girls are? Stunning little children.

Sherri said...

I ♥ working from a sketch. Can't wait to see the your new los and the sketches. Sounds like you have a lot up your sleeve for us lucky blog followers ☺