Sunday, August 16, 2009

serious blog neglect

Sorry I haven't been around much lately...we've had some computer issues and today our other computer completely died. Nothing we'd previously done worked...all resuscitation efforts failed.

My genius husband hooked up our OLD, super-slow computer so that we can connect to the internet for necessary things but this thing is slower than molasses. Seriously.

We hope to be up and running again soon and I should have some fun new things to share with you.

Since word is out at My Scrapbook Nook I can tell you that the September kit will have some beautiful Pink Paislee...I can't wait to show you a pic of the kit! I can't wait to SEE a pic of the kit, either, lol.


laterg8r said...

sorry your computer is down :( hopefully you'll get it all sorted soon :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, miss Becky sorry your computer is not being kind... Hugs!! I do miss all your fun post's.