Wednesday, September 9, 2009

all nines- a challenge for you!

Yep, today is the ninth of September 2009


Do you have some fun "nine" activities to do today?

I'd better think of some.

I'm sure I have more than nine things to do.

Today is such a busy day I hope I can sit down for nine minutes in a row :)

I hope your day is "dressed to the nines."

ha ha.

Maybe I can put nine of something on a scrapbook page or card.

Now there's an idea!

Anyone who wants to make a page or card- use only products in nines- nine buttons, nine flowers, nine buttons, nine different patterned papers, you get the idea.

Anyone up for it?

Leave a comment here with a link to your project by midnight EST on Friday and I'll do a drawing for a fabulous prize.


laterg8r said...

got to think of nine things :D

Dee said...

oh this is so fun! i did one on a yahoo group!!!