Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pretty blue eyes and a goose egg

What a gorgeous day it turned into after the fog and drizzle lifted this morning.

The weather caused quite a bit of havoc today as traffic was backed up going to and from the school because of the dense fog.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few new pictures from today, a couple of Hailey and her beautiful blue eyes and one of Aimee and her recent injury.

Isn't she a cute girl? I think so but I am entirely biased in my opinion because she's my daughter.

Here is little Aimee with her first major injury. She pretty much refuses to sit in her booster seat now and instead insists on sitting on one of the regular chairs like the rest of the family. I am fine with this except that she likes to stand on the chair and isn't always cognizant of  how close she is to the edge of her seat. Here is a perfect example. Sunday morning before church she was at the table eating a snack since we now go to church at 12:30 (don't really love that schedule but what can you do?) and she fell off of the chair and landed on her head on the ceramic tile. It swelled up and looked quite lovely for church.

Poor girl. It didn't seem to bother her too much but the bruise is now a lovely shade of green to match the shirt she was wearing today.

Have a great rest of your day!


laterg8r said...

poor little thing, sometimes it hurts to be a big girl ;D

Janelle said...

Love the pictures of Hailey - she is so cute! And poor Aimee! Grace used to do that all the time, but I think she's figured it out now. :)

I hope you guys are feeling better. We haven't had the Swine or any type of flu yet, so I am very grateful for that hope. Hopefully the good luck will continue until we can get our flu shots!

Dalon said...

oh I hate to hear about the boo-boos! seems that's what happens daily around here though too - I have blogged about them much because there are too many!!! (I think I'll have to make an albums *all about boo-boos*) ;-)

BethieJ said...

Your girls are so CUTE!! Sorry about the boo boo... but HEY at least her shirt matches.. hee hee! :) A LO in the making I am sure!

LG said...

Poor baby. Hope she feels better now. I hate it when this things happen but what can we do, they're kids

Mara... said...

Beautiful girls!!!! Hope her head isn't too bad anymore!

Danielle said...

Poor little Aimee... I hope that she feels better. She looks like she is since she is smiling in the picture.