Wednesday, October 7, 2009

what a crazy busy day

Yes, Wednesdays are busy. So busy. Lots of running around taking kids here and there.

Today I have to get Hailey to school by 8, come home and pack Matt's lunch so he can be to work by 9, take Sarah to preschool group at 9, run to Target to get presents for 3 birthday parties that the girls have the end of this week, then at 10 I will spend an hour helping in Hailey's class (Aimee gets to go with me) and then hang around for an hour before picking up Sarah at noon. I'll run home and get lunch made for me and the two girls, get Aimee down for a nap and work on what I need to do for my activity at the church tonight, go pick up Hailey from school, go to her parent-teacher conference (I'll have to take the 3 kids with me- not sure how that's going to work), go home and do homework with Hailey, make dinner and leave for the church.


I hope to get back on here later to post a little mini I've been working on.

Have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Wow... I see this vision of super mom able to leap small mess's and safely complete every task... Have a good day.

laterg8r said...

holy hannah, busy woman today :D

ps - gave you an award on my blog :D

Anonymous said...

You are much nicer than me, because if that were my list, the first thing to get tossed off was coming home to make my husband's lunch. I'd tell him to make his own dang lunch!

Jess said...

Good grief you did have a busy day! Hope it all went well, and can't wait to see your mini!!