Sunday, November 29, 2009

an ode to Pink Paislee

If you keep up with things going on in the scrapbooking industry you know that Pink Paislee is holding a call for their 2010 creative team. What an incredible experience this would be, right? Their products are consistently amazing and I've been a fan since they first started a couple of years ago. While I know that there will be hundreds of talented scrappers trying for this call I just HAVE to try for it because you just never know, RIGHT??  Maybe one day it will be my turn to make a fantastic team like TEAM PINK! It would be incredible to make the team but even if not, I have fun trying.

Just to show how much I love Pink Paislee I thought I'd do a special post to show you some of the Pink projects I've done in the past. Now you have to remember that some of these first ones are old, more than a YEAR old, so hopefully they aren't too bad, lol. I just want to show you how much I love Pink Paislee. One thing I really love about Pink Paislee products is that you can combine many of the lines and it looks PERFECT together. I love that. You'll be able to see how I combined some of the lines in the projects below.

These two are really old but show you the beautiful Spring Fling collection.

Here's some Vintage Moon paper- perfect for Halloween and other themes as well. I thought
it would go well with this beach picture of Matt and Sarah.

More Spring Fling.

The lovely Winsome Captivating papers.

The cute Office Lingo collection

More Winsome Captivating papers.

Winsome Captivating

Winsome Enchanting

A mix of Office Lingo and Pop Fashion papers and embellishments from other collections.

I used some Mistletoe & Co. paper here with a lot of other manufacturers to show
how easily you can mix different patterned papers.

Amber Road

And some more Amber Road

And more and more Amber Road.

Winsome Fetching cards

And some more Amber Road.

And lastly, some Winsome Fascinating, Captivating and Fetching

So, there you have it. Some old and some new but all made with lovely Pink Paislee. I have some other projects in the works for Color Me Daisy using the beautiful "Mistletoe and Co." collection. As soon as their reveal is up I can share those with you so check back later today or tomorrow for those!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

nice job..


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Rebecca said...

They are ALL gorgeous. Good luck!

laterg8r said...

fingers crossed for you :D

Mara... said...

Great inspiration Becky. You rock the Pink Paislee!! Good luck on their DT call!

KateB said...

you never know when it's your time...and I do hope to see more new faces; sometimes the same people get picked over and over becasue others are afraid to submit. Good luck and btw, the SNow White LO rocked!!!!

Maretta said...

I just love your pages! Wish I had time to do ANYTHING! Maybe when I'm old and retired...probably not!