Friday, January 29, 2010

snow day today!!

Because we live in west Texas where we don't usually get a lot of snow I didn't think we'd ever get a snow day.

Yesterday, though, we got so much snow and the roads were so covered that they decided to let the kids out of school early. My Hailey was so excited about having more time to play. We did art projects, played, watched a movie, cleaned up a bit, read stories and topped off the night with a rousing game of Twister.

While we were eating dinner we got a call from the school saying that school would be delayed 2 hours this morning because of bad weather and road conditions. A little while later we got a call that school would be cancelled, which I know made Hailey happy. Earlier in the day she'd said that she was worried about me driving on the roads and that I should just keep her home. I'm sure it wasn't my safety she was most worried about- she wanted to play!! The poor girl doesn't get that chance very much because of school and so today we are going to play!

Maybe we'll just stay in our jammies, watch movies, do some art projects, SCRAPBOOK!, make a treat and just have a fun day. I wish that Matt had the day off, too.

What would you do with a snow day?


Sarah Lou said...

Oh I so wanna be there, A Ive never seen snow ( and iM sick of our summer) and b that sounds like the perfect day!!

Sherri said...

Happy snow day to both of you. We get them him a couple of times during the winter season. The temp here is a bone chilling -32 degrees Celcius, brrrr.

Happy chillaxing!

Cluff Chronicles said...

Yeah for snow days!!!!

Danielle said...

I would do the same as you. We are having a similar day. Not because of snow, but because of sick. So not as much fun, but jammies and movies it is!

emmy said...

yaay! sounds like a plan for a great day!!

I would do something simeral, but no kids, so Id take my crazy snow-loving dog out instead and throw tennisballs for hours!