Friday, February 5, 2010

simple things really mean a lot

I shared this at My Scrapbook Nook this morning and thought I'd share it here, too.

We sometimes forget about the little things but it's often those that mean the most to us.

So, here's a little story for you:

There are a lot of little lakes here where I live and we often drive by to play at the park or to feed the ducks or just hang out.

This morning after taking my oldest daughter to school by myself ( I am usually carting all 3 kids with me) I stopped at the park- it's a beautiful foggy,misty day and I knew the park would be so pretty in that light.

Anyway, I slowed the car as I drove past the lake and a whole bunch of ducks and geese came waddling over to my car. It was the funniest thing as they sat there waiting for me to give them some food. I just had to laugh as I searched through my bag to see if I had anything I could share. Ducks probably aren't supposed to eat Teddy Graham crackers but it was all I could find, and I left with a smile. What a great start to my day. :)

I have been doing a little bit of scrapbooking the last couple of days so I'll have some things to share with you later as soon as the sun comes out a bit more.

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Amy Coose said...

What a sweet story. I can always use the reminder to rejoice in the little things. Can't wait to see your creations!