Thursday, June 17, 2010

hi from Washington


Do you miss me yet?

I've been gone from Texas for a week now and I hope you're all well.

We've been up to Amarillo to see some good friends there (thanks again Bryan and Janelle!- Aimee keeps asking if we are going back to your house). We've also been to Colorado (hi Ellie and Ross and girls), to central Utah and to the Salt Lake area, then up to Boise (thanks so much Shelley and Bonnie) and now we're up in the land of the Twilight series to visit my parents for a few days. We're even heading up to Forks tomorrow probably and are going to the beach. Should be fun.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the SRM Stickers/Cosmo Cricket DeLovely blog hop!


Jessica said...

Of course we miss you! Hope you're having a wonderful time! :)

Anna said...

Hope your not disappointed with Forks, it's kind of a back-water town!