Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Laura!

I thought it was such a great idea when I first heard about this blog hop for the talented Laura Vegas.

p.s. You should have started with Lynn's blog and come here from the fabulous Aly Dosdall's blog.

This is such a fun way to wish someone a very happy birthday. Laura, I hope that you are enjoying all of these birthday wishes JUST FOR YOU!

Laura and I are on the Jillibean Soup team together (yay!) but I've admired her work from afar for many years. I am always amazed at what she can pull together and just love her style. She seems like the kind of person who you could just sit down with and feel immediately at ease chatting and sipping some nice cool lemonade.

I hope you have a wonderful, happy, fun and love-filled day, Laura!

From here, Laura, you'll go to Jenny Weston's blog
Have a wonderful, happy, festive day!
Thank you, Carla and Lynn for organizing this♥


Jessica said...

How cute "Eat cake" ohhh yes! Thanks for this opp - u are too sweet for being a part of this bh.

Kathy Martin said...

Cute card! Gotta have cake! :)

Mara... said...

I love the colors, Becky! What a fun birthday card and I love the sentiment!!

Nichol said...

such a fun card!

laura vegas said...

"eat cake" ... why, yes i will eat some cake! lol! such a fun card becky! and thanks for the sweet comments ... i'd love to sit and sip some lemonade with you some day ;) thanks for the birthday wishes ... and for making this a birthday that i'll never forget!

leah said...

What a cute little card! You come up with some great ones!!! :)