Wednesday, September 22, 2010

tagged by Sami

Some of you might know Sami- we go way back.

We were roommates in college, I was the first (or close to the first) to tell her that she and her then-boyfriend were going to get married. And I was right. And, they're still cute after all these years.

We graduated, both of us got married to great guys and soon we ended up in the same town going to a different school. We were all in Pocatello, then we moved to Boise and they followed us- and moved in next door. I still miss those days. Then they later moved to Texas (that was the shock of the century) not too long before we got here. She's the coolest girl, I tell ya, and she has a snappy wit and does a mean "washing machine" dance.

Life gets busy and we don't keep in touch as much as we'd like but today I found that she'd tagged me on her blog so I will do her the honor of answering the questions and then passing it on to some of you lucky readers.

Here are the questions she asked me to answer:

1.      1. Do you collect anything?  What is it?  If not, do you WISH you did?   I collect scrapbooking supplies, ha ha. I have a room full of stuff that I don't get to use as much as I would like. Most of the time it's during cram sessions right before a deadline for an assignment while Matt is away at work. I also collect dust. Well, not me personally (yuck) but my house does. I would rather play with my kids and do other things than dust. I need to put the girls to work with that one since they enjoy it so much. 

2.     2.  What room in your house would you most lke to remodel?  Would your answer change if soemeone else was paying for it?   I would love to have our master bedroom done. We've painted a lot of the rooms in our house but not our bedroom, and it seems to be the catch-all for the house. We put things in there since we don't want them out in the living room or somewhere else and it's just a mess right now. I'd love to paint in there and have some storage units built and maybe a nice little reading nook by the bay window. If someone else were paying for it? I'd love to have the OUTSIDE done by a professional landscaper, more trees planted and a great patio cover built, etc.  

3.      3. What is your LEAST favorite chore?  Do you hate it enough to get a maid to do it, or are you too anal for that?  My least favorite chore? I hate folding laundry. I can wash it and get it dried but a lot of times the clean laundry just sits until it starts to drive me crazy enough to just put it away. Some days I do better with this, other days, not so much. Would I hire someone to do it? No. Matt has even asked me before if I'd like a maid to come do some things but then I'd have to clean up the house in order for the maid to come over and do things like scrubbing the tile floors and the tubs. Seriously. I've had friends say that they clean up in order for the maid to come over and do the little jobs they have her do. 

4.    4.   Have you ever broken a bone?  What, and how? I broke my wrist when I was in 4th grade. That's not very exciting but it's the only bone I've ever broken. I was running down my driveway as a kid and I slipped on the rocks and fell on my arm. That takes coordination, too. My arm was still hurting a few days later so my parents took me to the doctor. It wasn't so bad...I got out of doing the dishes for a while. 

5.     5.  Music.  Do you have a go to album that you play to get you motivated, or do you just blare the radio, and pray that something peppy comes on? I don't very often get to listen to my own music, mostly it's something for the kids except for the rare time I'm in the car alone, during which time I listen to country or some random cd in the disc player. 

6.      6. How do you keep track of your schedule?  Old fashioned calendar?  Set alerts on your phone?  Fly by the seat of your pants, and pray you don't forget a Parent/Teacher conference? I really should be more organized but I just write things on the calendar and hope that I have everything on there. 

7.     7.  Cooking, baking, or neither? I like to do both but sadly they've suffered since I've had kids and lots of things to do. My kids think it's a treat sometimes when I open that yellow package and make cookies sometimes. Don't get me wrong- I do cook from scratch, too, just not as much as I'd like when it comes to baking. I guess it's a good thing that I don't make cookies as much anymore since I like to eat what I cook. 

8.     8.  Are you brand name specific, or are generics just as good?  What is one product you would NEVER replace with a generic brand? For some things I get name brand, other things I don't mind as much. I am not a brand name snob but when it comes to laundry detergent I get the name brand. 


Danielle said...

We are SO much alike it is almost scary...and I remember when you broke your arm. But I thought they took you to the dr sooner...that's weird. I only had to wait a day for my numerous breaks and dislocations.

Sami said...

I am so lame that I didn't see this sooner! Thanks for playing along!
I DO do a mean washing machine...but it's nothing compared to your Axle Rose!
Miss you already!