Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi(e) day

We need something happy today, don't we?

Well, it's March the 14th, 3.14, otherwise known as Pi(e) Day and we plan to celebrate!

I will have a layout to share with you later, just need to upload and edit the pics.

The American Crafts design team has something fun for you later in the week as well.

For now, this breaks my heart: (from yahoo news)

Can you imagine being a mom in the midst of this horrible tragedy? 
They must be so strong...I would hope that I could offer some comfort to my
children in light of all of the horrible things going on there.  

These pictures just overwhelm me emotionally. 

It is so hard to fight back the tears as I think of these poor people in Japan and all that they are going through right now. Most of us can't even imagine or grasp the devastation they must feel.

We are praying for the people of Japan- won't you please join us in praying for them? 

I will have something happier later today. 


Just a simple gal said...

My heart goes out to those families. I cannot imagine... I really can't... makes me sick to my stomach seeing these photos.

leah said...

I agree, Becky! So tough to watch - and praying for them lots!