Saturday, March 12, 2011

good Saturday morning to you

It has been quite a week, once again, and I haven't blogged nearly as much as I would like. I have been busy creating though I can't share most of those things with you quite yet. I turned in a couple of design team submissions this week and am crossing my fingers and even biting my nails a bit as I wait to see if anything comes of it. If only the rest of this month would just speed up!

If you wanted to try for the Jillibean Soup team you still have a few days!

I am also waiting for my kit from My Scrapbook Nook to arrive...once that does you probably won't see me for a while because I'll be busy creating with Emma's Shoppe and playing with the other add-ons I bought this month. I am doing a layout class with this kit so I'll let you know when that's up- hopefully the forum will be up and running by then. It has taken much longer than any of us anticipated but it will be so nice to have the new site. Darn hackers. If they'd stayed away we wouldn't have had to go through this.

The team at American Crafts has something in store for you in the coming week and I've been working on something for that, playing with the new Peachy Keen collection. I made an extra layout with those papers and embellishments that I'll be able to share with you as soon as I take some pictures!

My thoughts the last couple of days, though, have been with the people of  Japan. The pictures of the devastation are just horrific. Having an earthquake of that magnitude is terrible enough, and then to add a tsunami on top of that is just unimaginable. Heaven help those poor people.

These are some images from

My heart is sad because of what has happened there and hope that you and your loved ones are safe.



Carol said...

it's heartbreaking what has happened and the news doesn't seem to be getting any better for them. it is so sad.

good luck on your application endeavors ;) you rock so I'm sure something will turn out for you ;)

Hilde/Scoobie said...

Good luck with the applications, Becky!

I miss the Nook Forum, too, and cannot wait until it's up and running again. But, like you (your previous post) I find that I have more time to visit blogs and create for when when less time on the computer.

I think the pictures from the earth quake and tsunami in Japan reminds us all about how small we are and how powerful the nature is...

erin said...

Many blessings to those that have been affected in Japan, and may they feel HIs love wrapped around them especially now.

On a happier note, I just opened Scrapbook Trends and saw your layouts in there:) Kudos!