Friday, May 6, 2011

another Jillibean share

Last month, before I had to be admitted to the hospital on bedrest for preeclampsia, I thought I'd try to get a head start on scrapping assignments for April. Little did I know that I would quickly run out of time and not be able to do any scrapbooking at all for a while. I didn't get everything done. Thank goodness everyone was flexible and willing to work with me.

I was able to get this one Jillibean  project done that was posted on the blog yesterday. Memorial Day is coming up but I think it's important to be patriotic even when it's not a national holiday. These pictures are from a 9/11 flag display at a local park last fall.

My favorite picture is this one of Aimee hugging the flag pole.

LOVE the corrugated shapes- so fun to dress up with paint, ink, etc. 

I do apologize for the horrid pictures. 

We are trying to get back to "normal" here- Matt has to go back to work and so I will need to get back into a regular routine of chores and everything else. Things will be tricky but somehow we'll figure out how to get things done and still visit Lily. 

"I miss Lily. I miss her really badly," says my 3 year old. She hasn't even been able to see her baby sister yet because she is too young to be in the NICU. I miss her really badly, too. 

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Ginger said...

This layout is so amazing Becky! Love it! Wish I could be here to help--right now though I've got some pretty sick kiddos so I can relate on the sleep deprivation at least!