Thursday, May 5, 2011

waiting patiently on Lily and a Jillibean layout

I have been anxious to bring this little girl home, we all have.

I learned yesterday why she isn't ready to go home.

She's still so tired and tiny...only 35 weeks gestational age (1 week old now) and she still has so much growing to do.

That's why preemies sleep so much. They have to conserve their energy so that they can grow.

Yesterday we got to give her a bath while we were there and I got to nurse her and she did great. The best she'd done so far. She latched on so easily and ate really well.

Later in the day I went back at feeding time again and learned she was so sleepy at her 3 o'clock feeding that they had to tube feed her- she wouldn't stay awake enough to drink from a bottle.

I tried nursing her and she did okay and then tried to do her bottle feeding and she was so sleepy that she only got about half and they had to do the rest through her tube.

THAT is why she can't come home yet...and I understand now that even though we want her here NOW she just isn't ready. She has to build up her stamina for the seemingly simple job of eating. She just gets so tired.

In order for Miss Lily to come home she has to receive all of her feedings in 24 hours either by bottle or nursing and so far she's not even close to being ready for that. It will take some time for her to build up endurance.

So...for now...we just wait.

And, here's a page I did for Jillibean Soup for April:

Here are our kids and Marc and Ginger's kids on one of our trips to the stockyards in Fort Worth. 

In other news, we got Sarah all registered for kindergarten yesterday- she still seems so small to me...I think she's a little nervous about the whole thing but she is way more than ready. She'll do great!

Hailey is reading like crazy...such a smart girl. She grew up a little while I was at the hospital, helping out her Daddy and being the peacemaker for Sarah and Aimee. 

Aimee is now looking SO big to me. It's funny that Aimee right now is older than Hailey was when Aimee was born. It's so hard to believe that so much time has passed. 

There just is not enough time in the day. And, it's been that way since I got home. Running to and from the hospital, dealing with car repairs and then having to take the car back because they didn't finish the job the first time, back to the hospital, then to pick up kids from wherever they were, whether it be school or someone's house, to the school for kindergarten registration, home to pump and grab a quick snack and then to wherever we are supposed to go next. I am supposed to be sleeping...but that's a joke. It's so hard to rest at home when there is so much going on. I crash at fast. I laid down on the floor by Aimee last night (she's been sleeping on a mattress in our room) and I don't remember getting into bed but that's where I was when I woke up to pump at 2am. is good but I am tired. I haven't even talked to my sister on the phone this week- and we always talk. That's how I know it's been crazy. Maybe today.


Hilde/Scoobie said...

OMG, Lily is adorable! She looks so ready, but obviously she isn't from what you can tell.

Hang in there, your days must be increadibly busy, but let's home you can take Lily home soon so you all can be together.

Crystal Goulding said...

Just noticed you've had number 4!! Congrats to you and the family!! Love the name (though I'm a little biased! Haha) I hope she's home with you soon - nice and healthy! xo

Catherine Schroeder said...

Such a beautiful baby! :D Sending prayers for her to return home soon!!

Jocelyn said...

Lily is so adorable....I hope that she continues to be able to feed, so that she can come home!!!

Love the LO....

Happy Mother's Day!!! :-)

KateB said...

with rest comes strength...hope you're journaling your thoughts and feelings to scrap this part of your journey later...I'm JUST feeling brave enough to do that...NICU visits are taxing that's for sure!

chenguna said...
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chenguna said...

Yay! Becky congrats with the new baby girl (Lily). Praying you and the baby a quick recovery and hope she gets to growing fast enough so she can go home. Take care!

Had to retype cuz I just realized I mess up with your name. duh!

Jenyfur said...

Hi Becky - been following Lily's progress, hope she makes her way home very soon. Your girls are probably so anxious! I think about you often, wonder just how you do it all, but as usual, you're kicking butt. :) Great layout, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL baby. xoxo

Jessica said...

Hi, I have been following your blog and just wanted to say hang in there! I know easier said than done, I had a little guy at 35 weeks (also due to PE) he spent only a week in the NICU, and came home in a carbed. He is a big guy now and you would never guess he was 5 pounds when he was born! Hope Lily is able to come home very soon!!

Cluff Chronicles said...

I am so sad to hear you are not able to bring Lily home yet, I wouldn't have ever thought her sleeping too much would be an issue, but I guess it makes sense. I wish they would have told you that earlier.