Tuesday, August 23, 2011

lots of firsts for us

Good morning!

Yesterday was the first day back to school for us:

The girls were both excited; Hailey was headed off to the 2nd grade and Sarah was going to start kindergarten. Both picked out what they wanted to wear the first day- these cute dresses that we found at our local Carter's store. I thought they looked adorable. We tried to curl their hair a bit, too, just for the special occasion. And, never fear, I am sure these pics will make their way onto a scrapbook page sometime soon. 

Hailey was excited though also a bit nervous since she didn't know any of the kids in her class, a first for her. She had a great day, though, and LOVES her teacher. She's shy so I always worry about her but think she's going into this year with a bit more confidence. 

It was Sarah's first day of kindergarten. I think she was so excited the night before that she couldn't hardly get to sleep. She has the same teacher that Hailey had for kindergarten and has a few friends in the class. I loved how she was beaming from the anticipation of her day. When I asked her about her day after school she told me that she liked "P.E., play time, recess and lunch time. I liked EVERYTHING!" Cute girl. She said that she wants to stay in kindergarten forever. 

Aimee went to her first speech therapy session; she's having some trouble yet with some of her letters and tends to drop the first letter from words when she talks and since she's almost 4 our pediatrician wanted us to get it checked out. She had a great first time, even went with the speech therapist by herself while I waited there with the baby (they don't let you take other kids into the sessions so I had to sit in the waiting area). 

Aimee so wished that she could go to school today with her sisters but had fun doing some preschool activities with me at home. She really is blossoming right now!

Aimee also had her first day of soccer; she's had a tough time with some gross motor activities, she walked later than the other girls and is a lot more cautious about what she'll do. I just KNEW she'd love soccer and was happy to find that I was right. She was such a good listener and did really well at what she was asked to do. I think she has a great coach who knows that this just needs to be fun for these 3 and 4 year olds. She has her first game on Saturday and I'm interested to see how they do. 

(Aimee is in the center between the two pink bows)

waiting for her coach to tell them what to do 

She even wanted to stay after and play some more and helped her coach clean up the cones.

Not to be left out, Lily decided for the first time that she'd roll over in bed. I went in to check on her during the night and she was on her belly. It's hard to believe that she's almost 4 months old.This sweet girl loves to play with her tongue, gurgle and coo and make all kinds of cute faces. She's a sweetheart for sure. 

We all had a very busy but wonderful day. 

I am trying to make some scrappy decisions and will hopefully have something new to share with you soon. 

Things are going to be very busy for the next little while with taking kids to and from school every day, speech therapy twice a week for Aimee, soccer practice for her on Mondays, gymnastics for Hailey and Sarah on Tuesdays, gymnastics on Wednesday morning for Aimee, soccer practice for Hailey on Thursday, helping out in the kids' classes, soccer games on Saturdays, preschool time at home for Aimee everyday, and everything else in between. 

Have a great day!


Jenyfur said...

Beautiful girls. Your oldest two remind me of my 6 and 8 year old...walking into school holding hands, so sweet. Sounds like you have a busy Fall ahead. Miss ya! xo

Britt said...

OMG woman, your girls are getting so big! I think I've known you, what, two years, and it seems like they were babies when I met you! And they are gorgeous! Such perfect scrappy subjects - you are lucky!

Carol said...

they are ALL so adorable. love those bright dresses. life just gets busier doesn't it!!!!