Wednesday, December 12, 2012

sharing a quick Christmas project on 12.12

My girls have been so excited that today is 12.12.12.

So, for them, I will share a quick Christmas project for you in honor of the day and maybe I will add another project that I hadn't shared yet.

This one was created for Lily Bee- we're sharing lots of fun Christmas ideas as the big holiday draws closer. I like quick and easy projects during a time when there isn't a lot of time for crafting and this one was perfect. It's just a simple paper chain like the ones we made as kids to help count down to the holiday but with the cute Christmas Cheer paper line from Lily Bee it's so much more festive.

This was on our tree before we got all of the decorations on, and before a lot of the decorations got taken off via the kids knocking the tree over, for that matter. It is now on the "kid" tree and looks so fun and festive. And, if it breaks it's okay because it's just paper. 

And here is a Gossamer Blue project that I hadn't yet shared here: 

This page is kind of a hodge-podge of things but the bright colors are fun. It took me a while to get on the instagram bandwagon, mainly because I don't have a fancy iPhone, but once we got our iPad and I found the Instagram app I was hooked! It's so fun to capture those random little moments. 

Thanks again to Gossamer Blue for allowing me to guest design this month.
There are still kits available so go check them out! 

Happy 12.12.12!

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