Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy birthday dear Lily

We waited years for this sweet girl to join our family. I was even resigned to the fact that we would probably not be able to have any more kids. Aimee was our youngest at the time and we were used to the idea that she'd be our last one. It wasn't until a trip to the doctor to find out why I was feeling so sick and not getting better that I found out that among other things, I was pregnant.

The doctor came rushing out into the lobby to tell me the news; I'd already left his office to wait for Matt to pick me up because I was too dizzy to drive myself. The doctor wasn't sure whether or not this would be good news for us. I was elated and quickly sent a message to  Matt who was on his way to get me.

At about 31 weeks or so I started to not feel well. I was nauseated- more so than I was normally during my pregnancies- and was starting to have a lot of swelling. I had bad headaches and felt like something just wasn't right. I went to see my OB-GYN and found that my blood pressure was sky-high. They had me admitted to the hospital that very afternoon and I ended up spending the next two weeks there as they closely monitored my condition. I was told that I would have a preemie, that they were hoping I'd make it to 34 weeks for the best outcome for my little baby. They gave me injections to help baby girl's lungs develop properly and did countless labs. I was more than ready to go home. I think that I should have enjoyed that quiet time in the hospital more than I did. I missed my family and knew of the strain it was on Matt to take care of the three girls by himself. Thankfully he was able to get the time off of work.

The night before my 34-week mark I started to notice regular contractions. I got a pen and started keeping track of times on my board. They were in a regular pattern and little baby girl was ready to come into the world without me having to be induced. I was thankful, too, that I wasn't going to have to have a repeat c-section like I'd had to have with Aimee due to placenta previa. Lily was in charge even back then.

I was taken to labor and delivery and got my epidural (I may seem wimpy for that but labor was hard and very painful at that point. I had really painful back labor as well). It didn't take hardly any time at all and Lily was here. She was beautiful and perfect. I got to hold her for only a few minutes before she was whisked away to the NICU where they'd check her out and make sure everything was okay.

Lily would spend the next two weeks in the NICU as her little body tried to regulate her blood sugar, they treated her for jaundice and a bad rash, and as they tried to get her to eat as much as she needed to be able to go home. One of the hardest things I ever did was to leave Lily there at the hospital when I had to go back home. I was there every day as much as I could, treasuring every second I had to hold her and be with her.

Lily is a sweetheart, a spunky little girl who doesn't let her big sisters push her around ☺ We love her so much and are so blessed to have her in our family. She daily teaches me and makes me smile.

She is a ray of sunshine in our home, a joy and such a blessing. 

Happy birthday, cute girl!


Tracey said...

Happy birthday to your cutie!!!

And thanks for sharing the layouts! They are all amazing!!

Cynthia B. said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Lily! You've done a wonderful job capturing her growth through your pages. :)

antenucci said...

I love reading your posts on your girls birthdays and seeing the layouts you have created! Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday Lily!

jacque4u2c said...

Omg! One layout is just more precious then the next!!!! Love, love, love em!

Leanne said...

Such a fabulous tribute to your daughter!!! LOVE it..x