Friday, April 26, 2013

so slow around here lately

I apologize for how slow it's been around here lately.

I've actually been doing some scrapping but it's for assignments I can't yet reveal. Otherwise it's just been a busy week with other kid-related things like games and practices and field trips. I am exhausted, but it seems that this time of the year is always busy.

In exciting news, though, Aimee has gotten a couple of hits in softball lately, something she has worked really hard for. She always goes in there to practice or games just excited to play, even if she doesn't get to run the bases at all. I loved that everyone was so happy for her when she got her first hit of the season.

I have one layout to share that I haven't shared here yet. I created this using the My Girl line from American Crafts:

Tomorrow is Lily's birthday so I'll be back then to share some of my favorite Lily pages from the last two years. 

Have a great day!


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