Wednesday, December 3, 2008

an email from a scrapbooking icon

I was surprised this morning to open my email and find a letter from a scrapbooking celebrity. Sure, they may not like being called that, but there are some people who are so talented and fabulous that it's exciting to get something personal like an email from them. So, who was this scrap celeb I heard from?

Courtney Walsh!!! Yeah, she's doing a drawing for her new book, "The Busy Scrapper" which has just been released and which includes such amazing scrappers as my talented sis in law, Ginger, and so I HAD to leave a comment for my chance at winning a copy of her book! I didn't expect to get a note in return, so that was kinda fun. Yep. I finally have my claim to fame. Sorta. Now if I could only get her to pull some strings for me...Just kidding. But, it was pretty cool for me. Thanks, Courtney!!!!!

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