Saturday, April 4, 2009

raining chocolate

I am going to add some more Disneyland pictures but thought I would share this little "highlight" (?) of our trip first.

While on just about any other day I would love for chocolate to rain from the sky but in this case I would have just as well gone without.

Just for a little background...we had to fly from Orange County, CA to Phoenix, Arizona and then to Albuquerque and then to Lubbock. Lots of ups and downs, probably the cause of my dizzy head today. Anyway, on with the story...

It was not a particularly warm day but it was SO very windy, causing some turbulence as we approached the airport in Phoenix. We had some sudden drops in altitude but nothing major and we all lived to tell about it. Our next flight was quite an adventure. After having to wait 45 minutes or so because of another flight delay we were on the plane and up in the air in no time. We'd gotten our drinks (hot chocolate sounded so good to me, and to Matt as well, so that's what we got) and while Matt held the baby I tried to drink mine. It was too hot so I was letting it cool when we hit some rough spots. Before I knew it we had another sudden drop in altitude sending the hot chocolate up into the air and back down on me and my family, as well as those sitting around us. I love chocolate but didn't exactly want to take a shower in it at that very moment. The poor kids had it all over their clothes, faces and hair, it was all over the ceiling around us, on the seats, the windows, the floor and in the air vents...yep, so the chocolate that shot into the vents came right back down on us over the course of the next little while.

Yes, on any other day I would love to have chocolate rain from the heavens but not yesterday. And, I don't think I'll be getting hot chocolate on the airplane anymore. Not for a while at least. Needless to say, on the last leg there was no in-flight beverage service to avoid this happening again. Memorable trip home? I'd say. I should have taken a picture of that :)


Jamie Cotter said...

LOL. I wish I could have seen that. How funny.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like did the other passengers around you like that? I bet it is a story that the flight attendants will be talking about for a while.

Connie said...

Oh no. Not fun!!!!