Sunday, July 5, 2009

bubbles bubbles and more bubbles

While Marc and Ginger and their kids were here we had a great visit to the Science Spectrum. We saw an OmniMax movie and let the kids run and play and everyone had a wonderful time. The kids have all been there on numerous occasions and love all that there is to do but I think the big hit of this particular visit was the bubbles. And we're not talking your everyday run-of-the-mill bubbles- we're talking HUGE bubbles :)

Here are some pics of the kids having fun with the bubbles.

This first one is cool: it's a giant sheet of bubblesoap that you can blow into! Sarah had fun with the giant bubble wands and I think she got more soap all over herself from waving it around than she did in the air.

Hailey quickly got the hang of it- look at that GIGANTIC bubble! And, so that Aimee isn't left out, here she is testing the waters in the kids' playroom.

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mustangkayla said...

Great pictures! It looks like such a fun place!