Friday, July 17, 2009

my three girls

We spent some time at a local park this morning, one that the girls absolutely love. It has a HUGE wooden fort with lots of climbing up and down and slides and twists and turns and it also has swings, rock and rope climbing as well as miniature little houses and other things to climb on. The girls love it.

I love that they are able to run and around and have fun.

I thought that all of the running they did would tire them out enough that they'd settle down for a nap this afternoon. No such luck. But I did get some cute pictures of the kids.

Plus we have lots of fun memories from today. So it was all worth it. Even if they don't want to rest at all so I can take a nap.

And tonight is the big pajama party!!!

The girls can't hardly contain themselves. I hope they'll go to sleep after having all of the sugarey sweet treats we bought at the store this morning. Oy.
Maybe I should go take a nap instead of scrapping these cute pictures.
Nope...gonna go scrapbook instead. I can always sleep during the movie :)


Connie said...

The girls look great Becky!! Hope you are having a good summer.

Cheri said...

I love the bottom picture with the 3 of them!!! Adorable!

Lisa Carroll said...

so cute! love the sepia!!

Maretta said...

I just love the sepia toned pictures...sorry I haven't been very good about commenting lately, but I love your photos(and your layouts...)
I'm going to try my hand at your sketch idea and maybe I'll e-mail it to you when it's done! Love, Mom