Thursday, April 15, 2010

Aimee is the cutest thing

I was sitting at the computer and Aimee came down the stairs and sadly said, "I sad."

I asked her why and she said,

"I bwoke my aaam" (arm)

"Where?" I asked her.

"wight hewe," she said, pointing to her elbow.

"You kiss it?"

How could I deny this sweet little girl a kiss on her "broken elbow"?

So I kissed it and she said, "I all better now."

Isn't she the cutest thing?

Some of you might remember that Aimee did, indeed, break her arm a few months ago as she fell from the rail at the bottom of my bed. Poor girl handled it with the strength of someone much older than her years. I sure love this cute little girl and if she is the last baby we're allowed to have she is the sweetest joy I could ever have imagined.

We're still hoping for a #4 but it hasn't happened yet.

Still, I can enjoy my 3. I love sweet moments kissing elbows and bumps and scratches.

And, with three crazy, active, bouncing-off-of-the-walls girls we have plenty of scrapes and bumps to kiss.


Jeja said...

Aww, that is so cute!

Michelle said...

So sweet! I recieved my RAK today and WOW! Thank you soo much!

Michelle said...

What a great moment. It's great that they are still little enough to kiss there troubles away. :)