Wednesday, May 4, 2011

happy one week to Lily

It's hard to believe- it seems like so long ago that I went to see my doctor because of my swelling feet and hands and legs and face. That was April 13.

Today Lily is a week old and I am so very anxious to see if they have any idea when she'll get to go home. She's off the IV now, off of the warmer and yesterday I was able to nurse her the two times I was there for feeding times. I am encouraged by the fact that while she wasn't interested in bottle feeding the other night she is latching on and able to nurse and is actually getting something out. That is so encouraging to me.

We're going up to the hospital in a few minutes and I can't wait to see her  ♥


Julie Bonner said...

Glad everything is going well - hope Lily is able to come home soon :)

Cluff Chronicles said...

So glad to hear such great news! I hope she can come home soon!

leah said...

Hope you're able to bring her home soon, Becky!! Sounds like she's doing well! ^_^

Sherri said...

Happy one week to Miss Lily indeed, How fantastic! Hope it's not much longer now until that little sweetie comes home to her own bed.